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Because cost efficiency and innovation are two sides of the same coin, COSTEFF Members are committed to raise the awareness on the potential of innovation in healthcare systems.

COSTEFF is pursuing the following objectives:
  • to ensure that all EU initiatives take into account cost efficiency aspects and the innovation potential of the healthcare industry
  • to contribute to the overall quality and safety of healthcare systems in Europe
  • to position member companies as innovative actors bringing in solutions to guarantee the financial sustainability of healthcare systems
  • to undertake advocacy work with the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament, and any other relevant EU decision-makers
  • to encourage the exchange of best practice and its dissemination across the EU in the sectors of affordable patented medicines; biosimilars & generics; and ambient assisted living
  • to encourage research to gather evidence on the cost effectiveness potential of innovation on healthcare systems
  • to communicate the interests of COSTEFF members to the public
For more details concerning the positions defended by COSTEFF, see the section “Issues”.