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COSTEFF presents solutions for financially sustainable healthcare

04 May 2010 in European Parliament, Brussels

On 4 May the European alliance for cost efficiency in healthcare (COSTEFF) organised a panel debate in the European Parliament hosted by Jorgo Chatzimarkakis MEP (ALDE, GER) in cooperation with the Parliament Magazine. The objective was to discuss how the transition towards financially sustainable healthcare can be accelerated by Ambient Assisted Living.

The COSTEFF chairman, Prof. Edwin Kohl, welcomed stakeholders from European and national institutions, industry, NGOs and academia, and presented innovations that make it possible for elderly people to grow old at home and to reduce healthcare costs. During the event, ICT solutions and services in the field of Ambient Assisted Living were introduced which could improve healthcare delivery in Europe. However, Ambient Assisted Living should not only focus on the use of ICT, but also on the evolution of integrated care concepts including services. The speakers explained how these concepts significantly reduce hospitalisation rates and thus contribute to cost-efficient healthcare. With regard to financial incentives for medication safety, Prof. Grandt (German Medical Association) highlighted the fact that the EU was lagging behind the USA. Therefore, the potential of Ambient Assisted Living needs to be recognised and supported by EU healthcare policy.

In his closing remarks Jorgo Chatzimarkakis MEP pointed out that it was important to support research in this field and use Ambient Assisted Living to allow European citizens to age with dignity.


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