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Affordable Patented Medicine

COSTEFF welcomes the European Commission’s renewed vision for the pharmaceutical sector based on the principle of affordable, safe and innovative medicines. COSTEFF Members already propose different innovative products, which contribute to offer affordable and safe treatments to patients all over Europe.

Parallel distributors importing medicines from other EU Member States at a lower price with the same level of quality and safety allow healthcare systems to save billions every year. Manufacturers producing generics and biosimilars contribute in the same way to reduce costs.

Moreover automated individualised blister packagings that are produced industrially provide for example a reliable and cost-effective support in the treatment of chronically-ill or elderly persons. By tailoring its service to the exact needs of patients, the automated blisters improve safety and reduce medical errors, and the waste of expensive medicines altogether.

The digitalisation of the pharmaceutical supply chain offers also many possibilities, such as e-tools for pharmacies and drug manufacturers to improve flexibility in the management of their stocks.

COSTEFF is committed to unlock the innovation potential of all stakeholders that can contribute to improve cost efficiency in the healthcare sector. Fair price competition in the healthcare sector and the exchange of best practice between major stakeholders in Europe is therefore needed.

Health Technology Assessments (HTA) performed by Member States to evaluate the relative costs and benefits of each drug should include new parameters, such as the preventive use, the compliance rate, or the methods of distribution.